It was nice to meet you at the Canton Fair!

Hello, It was nice to meet you at the Canton Fair! I am sure you have met hundreds of people, so please allow this introduction to tell you a little about myself and my company. My name is Seth Landsberger and I am the owner of ZoCo LLC.

ZoCo LLC is a family run company located in the United States of America about 40 Kilometers west of Manhattan (in New Jersey). We sell a variety of imported and domestically sourced items, most of which are privately branded. All of our brands can be found on major selling channels such as Amazon, Walmart and Ebay, as well as on our private Shopify website.

I travel to China every few years in search of new products to add to our catalog. If you are visting this page it means you have my card and I am interested in one of your products. Please take a look at my website and take this opportunity to learn more about my company.

I look forward to speaking with you again soon and hopefully we can do some business together in the future.

- Seth Landsberger