1 Minute Floating Glass Sand Timer (6" Tall)

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This novelty timer has a 1 minute glass sand timer suspended inside a larger glass column filled with liquid. When you flip the timer over, the timer itself gurgles to the top inside the column while the sand falls to the bottom. Although it is not a very accurate timer in terms of time keeping to the 60 second mark, it is very pretty and should be considered more of a decoration or novelty item. Available in 3 sizes / timer lengths (6" = 1 minute, 8" = 2 minute, 10" = 3 minute). PLEASE NOTE: This item contains an air bubble that when flipped will cause the timer to immediately float to the top before the time has expired. The sand timer does NOT take 1 minute to rise within the column, the 1 minute is regarding how long it take the sand inside to the timer to complete falling. Additionally, the stated height of 6" is only an approximation. This item is finished with a hand process that creates a varying finished height which may be slightly higher or shorter than the stated height.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Your floating glass sand timer is filled with a common mineral-based solvent (paraffin oil) to prevent bacterial growth. In case of breakage, keep away from any ignition sources as it is highly flammable. Ventilate area immediately and absorb the liquid with disposable towels. Wash hands with soap and water. Potential eye irritant! In case of ingestion contact your local poison control center immediately. Be sure to use care when cleaning to avoid injury. This item requires no special disposal procedure.