13" Tall Galileo Thermometer / Fitzroy Storm Glass Combo Unit

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What is a Galileo Thermometer and how do I read it?

A Galileo Thermometer is a sealed glass column containing multiple liquid filled orbs. As the temperature changes, these orbs rise and fall to indicate the current ambient temperature (within the range of 64˚F - 80˚F). Under normal conditions, the orbs will settle into two groupings toward the top and bottom of the glass column as shown to the left. To read the Galileo Thermometer, observe the metal tags hanging from each orb. The tag on the lowest orb in the top grouping displays the current ambient temperature. If all the orbs float to the top, the temperature is below 64˚F. If all the orbs sink to the bottom, the temperature is higher than 80˚F.  PLEASE NOTE: the stated height of 13" is only an approximation. This item is finished with a hand process that creates a varying finished height, which may be slightly higher or shorter than the stated height.

What is a Fitzroy Storm Glass Barometer?

According to Fitzroy’s findings, this glass barometer forecasts the weather based on changes in the formation of crystals inside the column. If the liquid is clear, the weather will be bright and clear. If the liquid is cloudy, the weather will be cloudy as well, perhaps with precipitation. If there are small dots in the liquid, humid or foggy weather should be expected. A cloudy glass with small stars may indicate thunderstorms. If the liquid contains small stars on sunny winter days, expect snow. If there are large flakes throughout the liquid, it should be overcast in temperate seasons or snowy in the winter. Crystals at the bottom indicate frost. Threads near the top mean that it will be windy.



IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: When you receive your Storm Glass, it will be in a state of disruption from the shipping process. It is very important that you “reset” it after you receive it. To “reset” your Storm Glass, find a flat bottomed bowl or plastic container that is as tall as the storm glass portion of this device. Place the storm glass inside the vessel and fill it with hot water to cover the storm glass solution entirely. The water temperature should be hot enough to be uncomfortable to place your finger in, but not hot enough to burn. Keep the storm glass portion in hot water until it becomes COMPLETELY clear with zero crystals at the bottom of the glass. Add more hot water in needed. After you have cleared all of the crystals, place the Storm Glass in a secure location where it will not be bumped or moved. Due to the sensitive nature of the crystals inside the Storm Glass, you will want to avoid moving it unnecessarily. After the resetting process, you will need to wait up to 1 week to start seeing accurate readings. Repeat this resetting process at least 2 times a year, whenever you move it, or when you notice a lack of change within the glass.This item contains parafin oil, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, distilled water, ethanol and camphor. If the unit breaks, keep away from open flame and ventilate area well. Keep out of reach of children. Contact poison control if ingested.