Goethe Weather Ball Barometer - 6.5" Tall Glass Swan

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What is a Goethe Weather Ball Barometer and how do I read it?

This device predicts barometric weather changes by observing the rise and fall of liquid within the spout of a vented glass vessel. A low water level in the spout suggests “high pressure”, representing fair weather. A high water level in the spout suggests “low pressure” and forecasts poor weather conditions. While the storm glass will not indicate exact barometric pressure in numerical values, it is still regarded as an accurate monitor of air pressure changes.  PLEASE NOTE: the stated height of 6.5" is only an approximation. This item is finished with a hand process that creates a varying finished height, which may be slightly higher or shorter than the stated height.

How do I set it up?

This device arrives empty and you must fill it with distilled water. We suggest using food coloring to change the color of the water. It comes with a small hose and syringe. Pull the hose out of packaging and stretch it to make it straight. Once you have straightened it as best as possible, you have to snake it down the neck of the glass. It is tricky but the only way to fill it! Once the hose is inside the main body, turn it upside down and use the syringe to fill it. Don't take the hose out, just disconnect the syringe from the hose. Fill it a little less than halfway. If you fail to get results you may have not put the right amount of liquid in it.